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How to add suitable concrete admixture
May 04, 2018

Concrete admixtures are mainly a kind of material added to improve the performance of concrete. Now it is a very widely used material in the construction industry. The application of admixtures is one of the important measures to make the concrete material high performance and green. The concrete prepares should carry out the quality test and concrete test of each batch of cement and each batch of admixtures to seek the technical characteristics of the raw materials, and try to use the admixtures with good compatibility with the cement to avoid the quality accidents and material waves caused by the joint use of the non compatible cement and admixtures. The cost or cost is increased.

In practical engineering, the adaptability test of cement and concrete admixtures should be completed before the preparation of concrete mixture. In this way, the cement, admixture and admixture can be selected correctly, and the optimal mix ratio is determined. During construction, cement plants and admixture plants should provide products of stable quality. If a batch of cement or admixture is not compatible, it is necessary to cooperate with the analysis and find out the reasons immediately, so as to find effective countermeasures.