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How to save Lithium Battery Electrolyte Solvent
May 04, 2018

Lithium battery electrolyte is widely used in life because of its large capacity and no memory effect. Which is not a lithium battery electrolyte? How can we save lithium battery electrolyte without losing energy?

The electrolyte of 1. lithium battery is also called a lithium battery. It can be discharged continuously or intermittently. It is widely used in low power consumption products such as cameras.

Lithium battery electrolyte self discharge is very low, it can be preserved for 4 years, in cold storage conditions, the effect will be better. It is a good way to store lithium battery electrolyte at low temperature.

The 2. lithium battery electrolyte is also known as the two lithium battery. It can be stored for more than half a year at 30 degrees. This is because its self discharge rate is very low and most of its capacity can be restored.

Self discharge in the electrolyte of lithium battery, if the electrolyte voltage of the lithium battery is kept under 3.8V for a long time, it will lead to excessive discharge of the electrolyte of lithium battery and destroy the internal structure of the battery and reduce the battery life.

The lithium battery electrolyte has a wide range of applications and can still be used outside the north in winter, but the capacity will be reduced much, and the capacity can be restored if it returns to room temperature.

Of course, there is only a little electricity in the lithium battery electrolyte, because the storage performance of the lithium battery electrolyte is an important parameter to measure the stability of the battery's comprehensive performance. The high voltage electrolyte manufacturers will store the newly produced lithium battery electrolyte for a certain time, so that it will be sold in the factory. It is to stabilize the electrochemical properties of various components in the lithium battery electrolyte so as to ensure the electrolyte of lithium battery.