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Principle of color candle mechanism candle
May 04, 2018

The principle of making candle of color candle.

It is characterized by the use of a colorant organic compound with a phenyled antelope based compound that selects any compound of alcohols, lipids, ketones or ethers. Ethyl carbamate is used as the main combustion agent and is loaded into a microcapsule and dispersed into the wax. It creates a color and discoloration flame when it ignites, giving people a sense of joy, novelty, magic and attraction. The production method of a color discoloration flame candle

It is characterized by:

The following four compounds are characterized by discoloring candles:

(1) the electron provides chromaticity organic compounds;

(2) compounds with phenyled antelope;

(3) choose any kind of compounds such as alcohols, lipids, ketones or ethers;

(4) making ethyl carbamate, the main combustion agent