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The selection principle of concrete admixtures
May 04, 2018

Most of the admixture used in the commercial concrete mixing station is a mixture of water agent products, some of which are produced directly by the admixture production plant, some of which are supplied by the farer manufacturers by the mixing station. Because the mixing station is limited by the site, equipment, and technical force, it is difficult to realize the specialization and multiple varieties of mixing. It seems that the cost saving can not be lost in fact. The harm and economic loss caused by improper use of additives are far greater than their own value. So choosing the right concrete admixture is an important thing.

The current standards for quality testing of concrete admixtures include GB8076-2008 concrete admixture, GB8077-2008 "concrete admixture homogenization test method", JG/T223-2007 "polycarboxylic acid system high performance water reducer", JC/T1083-2008 "cement and water reducing agent compatibility test method" and "GB50119-2013" concrete outside the concrete. The application technical specification of additive and so on. As these standards are drafted by different units, the participating units are not consistent, and the quality requirements of concrete admixtures are different. There are inconsistencies in the testing items, technical indicators, and the raw materials used in the test method test. Therefore, there are differences in the quality inspection of the admixtures. The production and use of concrete admixtures are disconnected.

For the testing of the quality of concrete admixtures, the same test standard should be adopted for the same type, the environmental conditions of the test and the materials selected are all consistent, so that the comparability can be made, and the necessary related knowledge training should be carried out to the inspectors to reduce the human error. It is suggested that some abilities should be organized to compare tests and improve technical level when necessary.