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Use of various kinds of paraffin wax
May 04, 2018

Fully refined and semi refined paraffin is used mainly as components and packaging materials for food and other commodities (wax paper, crayons, candles, duplex paper), coated dressings of baking containers and cosmetic materials, for fruit preservation, anti aging, flexibility, insulation and precision casting of electrical components. Synthetic fatty acids are produced by oxidation. Coarse paraffin wax is mainly used for making matches, fiberboards, canvas and so on because of its high oil content. After adding polyolefin additives in paraffin, the melting point of the paraffin is increased and its adhesion and flexibility are increased. It can be widely used in moisture proof and waterproof wrapping paper, cardboard, surface coating and candle production of some textiles.

The production of paraffin has a high economic efficiency, and is a simple and effective processing technology to improve the utilization rate of crude oil and increase the added value of products.