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What is the nature of the candle machine
May 04, 2018

The main components of paraffin wax are low melting point and less density than water insoluble in water. The heat is melted into liquid, colorless, transparent and lightly heated and volatile. It can smell the peculiar smell of paraffin. When it is cold, it solidify as white solid and has a slight odor.

[principle] we see that the candle burning is not a paraffin solid combustion, but the ignition device ignites the core of the cotton, the heat released from the paraffin solid melts, then vaporizes, produces paraffin steam, and the paraffin steam is flammable (solid paraffin is not combustible).

Proof of the method: in the moment of blowing out the candle, you can see a wisp of white smoke, using a burning match to point the white smoke and rekindle the candle, so it can be proved that the white smoke is a solid particle produced by the solidification of the paraffin steam in the cold. Main classification

There are many kinds of candles. According to the purpose, candles can be divided into two categories: daily lighting candles and handicraft candles. Lighting candles are relatively simple, usually white rod candle. Process candles can be subdivided into many kinds. First of all, they can be divided into two categories: Jelly craft candles and incense craft candles. Generally because of adding ingredients to display all kinds of colors, shapes need to be made in various forms, and can be integrated into novelty, decoration, ornamental and functional.

The flame of a candle is divided into three parts, which are divided into external flame, internal flame and flame heart.  The flame temperature is the highest, the core temperature is the lowest, and the interior flame brightness is the highest.

In addition, the candle can also be divided into two kinds of rough wax and glossy wax. The surface of the general rough wax often has the taste. There is a layer of white frost on it, and the different rough wax will bring different odors. For example, in the bedroom, we can put some lavender flavored candles in the bedroom to play the role of hypnotic and calm, and the smell of sea wax can be placed in the bathroom.  Candles can also put some loose candles to drive away mosquitoes in summer, while smooth wax has no taste, wax surfaces are smooth and easy to make beautiful shapes.

Candles can be classified into extruded cylindrical wax, pointed bamboo wax, torch wax, floating wax, round head wax, flat head wax and so on. Some of these candles are more exquisite in use, such as sharp bamboo wax, suitable to be inserted in the candlestick when eating, in the middle of the table, especially in the western food. If the home decoration is European style, it can also be placed as an ornament in the living room. Floating wax is often found in a bar. Pour water into a container and float wax on the surface of the water. It floats on the surface of the water. There is no sentiment in the dark candlelight. Floating wax is used more frequently in young people's homes. Especially for couples, candlelight dinner can not only bring sharp bamboo wax, but also bring good results.