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What kinds of concrete admixtures
May 04, 2018

The chemical admixtures with national standard or industry standard: ordinary water reducing agent, air entraining agent, air entraining water reducing agent, high efficiency water reducing agent, antifreeze agent, expansive agent, retarding high efficiency water reducing agent, waterproof agent, pumping agent, early strength agent, retarding water reducing agent, early strong water reducing agent, speed coagulant.

According to the nomenclature and definition of (GB8075 - 87) admixtures, Jiangxi concrete admixtures can be divided into 16 names, each of which is customized as follows:

1. general water reducer: when the concrete slump is basically the same, the admixture can reduce the mixing water consumption.

2. early strength agent: admixture for accelerating the early strength development of concrete;

3. retarder: admixture for prolonging concrete setting time.

4. air entraining agent: in the process of mixing concrete, a large number of uniformly distributed, stable and closed micro bubble admixtures can be introduced.

5. high efficiency water reducing agent: when the concrete collapse is basically the same, the admixture can greatly reduce the water consumption of the mixture.

6. early strength superplasticizer: water reducing agent with early strength and water reducing function;

7. retarding water reducing agent: water reducing agent with both retarding and water reducing functions;

8. air entraining water reducing agent: admixture with both air entraining and water reducing functions;

9. waterproofing agent: admixture that can reduce the permeability of concrete under hydrostatic pressure.

10. rust inhibitor: an admixture that inhibits or reduces corrosion of steel bars or other embedded metals in concrete.

11. aerated agent: in the process of concrete preparation, chemical reaction can emit gas, which can make the concrete form a large number of pores admixture.

12. expansive agent: admixture that can cause volume expansion of concrete.

13. antifreeze: an admixture that can harden concrete at a negative temperature and achieve enough frost resistance in a specified time.

14. coloring agent: it can prepare additives with stable color concrete.

15. accelerator: admixture that can rapidly harden concrete.

16. pumping agent: admixture that can improve the pumping performance of concrete mixture.