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Beijing Dongke Eyeing S American Market
Jan 25, 2019

China's trade and investment relations with countries in South America remain solid and are expected to continue to expand, despite the downward growth pressure and other challenges facing the Chinese economy.

In Colombia, for example, Chinese companies in the oil infrastructure construction, automobiles and IT and telecommunication sectors are seeing growing influence in the country, as China has become its second-largest trading partner.Beijing Dongke,as a professional Chemical products supplier,are going to increase their market in Colombia,their main products,such as paraffin wax,soy wax,Polycarboxylate superplasticizer and other fine chemical products,will play a more and more import role in Colombian Chemical market.

China's presence in South American economies has been growing rapidly partly thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, with the increasing global expansion of Chinese firms.(Part from China Daily)