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Beijing Dongke Held A Group Study
Sep 06, 2018

31st of August,Beijing Dongke held a group study of Health Care and emergency medical aid,Alice Zhou(Sales Department)introduced this study.

There are two parts in this study,Health Care and emergency medical aid,Alice gives information of how to eat in daily life, Vegetables and friuts are the best choice when it comes to losing wieght,”she said when Jessica ask her how to eat during losing weight, “but we need to control the quantity,you can not always eat fruits and vegetables,you need also have some meats and main food,the best way to control your weight is drink health and eat health”

Alice also gives the information of how to handle with the emergency,such as heart shock,it is quite important for one to adopt CPR to the one with heart shock,it will probably save one’t life if we do it faster.

This study help us a lot in especially emergency situations.