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Britain Customer ‘s Visit On Our Candle Wax
Aug 16, 2018

The United Kingdom customer Mr Brown ,a big distributor of candle wax,together with his delegation came to visit our factory located in Liaoning and our international sales department in Beijing on August 1,2018 to August 3, 2018.Mr Gary and Miss Ginny ,entertained them.

Mr Gary,general manager of Beijing Dongke United Technologies on behalf of all the staffs warmly welcomed their visit and gave them a brief introduction of  the development history of our products lines , including candle wax,concrete mixture ,li-ion battery,especially giving a detailed expiation of our candle wax products including fully/semi refined wax with different melting point,soy wax and candle making machine ,also the testing instruments and our company’s culture . 

Factory producing line


After showing them around the factory , we went back to our Beijing office .Mr Brown together with his delegation , was having a meeting here in our conference room. We played them the PPT of our company and talked about the detailed order , including the specific specification /quantity ,packing requirement a,payment terms and also other technical problems . At last ,we made a good conclusion on the price and all trade terms .


The customer had great impressions on our products with good quality and gave  a good appraisal to our paraffin wax products which had a wide range of application on candles,waxed paper,scented and craft candles which can meet different requirements of different customers . He told us that some of his end customer had great needs of birthday candle raw material and  some needed scented candle to get relax ,and some for crayon or wax paper .


After the visit , we took them to the market and he saw that many Chinese men used candles in a circle to make a proposal to their girlfriends or prepared a candlelight dinner which was quite romantic.Like the same, we also put scented candles in the room to get us relaxed by after a tired working day .some people will make a DIY to make candle card ,candle jar or candle craft .Most of the applications are the same , such as waxed paper,crayon, but some customer in Britan will take them as architecture such as carved candles .

Additionally, they asked about the situation of the production terminologies of the production and also our sales situation . At last, he said that he had learn a lot both on experience of the Production process but also on the technologies of the products during this visit. It was a quite worthy travel which would greatly benefits both parties and strengthen our cooperation and friendship . We are looking forward to more orders in the future.