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Candle Machine Introduction
Feb 13, 2019

What are the styles of the candle machine? We generally distinguish it according to the type of candle, the type of candle machine, the type of water tank, and the inner tube of the machine. What are the models and specifications of the candle machine?


1. Candle machine specifications, models have more than 100 kinds, varieties, crafts dragon, phoenix, spiral, pagoda, ingot, lotus, cup candle, Fu, Lu, Shou, hi, Mo, 悼, bamboo candle, sitting candle, birthday candle and many more.

2. The model has 4, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 to 800, customized according to user requirements.

3. Machine water tank, the box is divided into four types: 1 full copper; 2 stainless steel; 3 steel; 4 galvanized sheet, for selection.

4. Rack and operation mode: The frame is welded by angle steel; the operation mode is divided into four types: 1 lever lifting type; 2 gear lifting type; 3 screw rotating type; 4 rolling tipping type.

5. The wax inside the tube is divided into four: 1 tin aluminum lead zinc-bismuth alloy tube; 2 copper tube; 3 stainless steel tube; 4 galvanized, tin tube.


The candle machine has gradually been widely used. Although candles are common, many candle makers don't understand it. We have to operate reasonably and let its performance be fully demonstrated. How much do you know about the specific operation of the candle machine? Let us introduce in detail:


 The first difference pressure is set to the temperature of the candle machine, the injection temperature is usually 55 ~ environment 60 ° C; according to different mold set dead time, wax injection, push mold, mold time. Press the power switch, wax cylinder and wax heating injection mechanism, when the temperature reaches these two set values, the pressure of the insulating wax cylinder to the wax cylinder, so that the pressure piston and the cylinder of the horseshoe wax are squeezed. Mold, wax, demoulding, and dead commands must be observed during implementation to avoid unnecessary damage.

Use a suitable fuse to avoid accidental short-circuit protection of the candle machine, regular cleaning and repair, and do not arbitrarily erase the warning label. The time to leave is the position where the pressure indication is returned to "0". Please do not disassemble the machine. Please contact a professional service person for repair or contact your dealer. When the candle machine is not used for a long time, please unplug the power cord and turn off the gas.

The candle machine must be operated correctly according to the above instructions. Only in this way can its performance be fully displayed, so as to provide more high-quality candles to meet the needs of the majority of users.