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Cleaning Method Of Concrete Admixtures
May 04, 2018

Concrete admixtures are widely used, so how do we clean up the superfluous concrete admixtures? How do we deal with the expired concrete admixtures?

There are two ways to deal with concrete admixtures:

1, with the same kind of concrete admixture, it can be added to the admixture pool. For other kinds of additives, we should not pour it on the environmental protection point of view, and can be dumped in its own special sedimentation tank.

2, for the treatment of overdue concrete admixtures:

In general, there is no shelf life for concrete admixtures. As long as the preservation is in good condition, the water is not evaporated or the related functions of the concrete admixtures can not be lost, but if the concrete is invalid because of the reasons for storage, we must recheck the external additive.

There are some waste sugar in the inferior concrete admixture, which will precipitate or become glue in the bottom for a long time. If there is no heating or circulation homogenization before use, it may cause the phenomenon of concrete retarding.