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Coconut Wax
Jan 23, 2019

Coconut wax is obtained from coconut meat and is white or light yellow fat. Coconut meat contains 65%-74% oil and 4%-7% moisture. Coconut trees grow on islands in the tropics or on the mainland coast.


Chemical properties

It can be seen from the above constants that it has great specificity compared with other oils. The coconut oil has a high saponification value and a low refractive index. This method can be used to identify whether coconut oil is mixed with other oils or even quantitative. The changes are mainly caused by the fatty acid composition of coconut oil. The fatty acid composition of coconut oil has a saturated content of more than 90%, but the melting point is only 24-27 degrees, which is due to the high content of carbonic acid. This is also why the Polenske value and the Reichert-Meissl value are high. The fatty acid composition from coconut oil also explains why the effect of complete hydrogenation on the melting point of coconut oil is small (45.1 degrees).

Oil extraction method

Purified and cold pressed coconut oil

Coconut meat contains 33% oil. For thousands of years, the traditional oil extraction method is quite simple. Just make the coconut meat into crumbs and cook in water. The oil will separate and float on the water, and then the oil will be pulled out. Another way is to squeeze the coconut milk (also known as coconut milk) from the coconut flakes, then let it ferment naturally for 24-36 hours, so that the oil is separated from the water, then the oil is removed, and the oil is removed for a short time to remove the water. . This medium temperature heating method does not damage coconut oil. There are also a variety of methods for extracting coconut oil. The coconut oil obtained by different methods differs in appearance, quality, taste and aroma. But in general, it can be divided into two major categories: one is purified, bleached, deodorized (RBD) "purified" coconut oil, and the other is "virgin" coconut oil without chemical treatment at room temperature. . Purified coconut oil is mostly made from copra, which is commonly used in the food industry. This coconut oil is generally considered to be healthy because its fatty acids are not destroyed. Because it is colorless and tasteless, many people also like to eat this oil. Cold pressed coconut oil is mostly made from fresh coconut. The liquid of this oil is as clear as water and is white after curing. This oil retains its original ingredients and has the special odor and taste of coconuts, because it has not been treated with high temperatures and chemicals.