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Defoaming Agent
Jan 16, 2019

In general, a foam is a coarse dispersion of a gas in a liquid and is a gas-liquid heterogeneous system. A gas-liquid dispersion in which the bulk density is close to the gas and not close to the liquid. The gas-liquid dispersion is divided into a "bubble dispersion" with less liquid and less gas and a "bubble" with less gas and less liquid. What is a bubble? A foam can be defined as a stable gas in a liquid medium. A foam is a dispersion of a gas in a liquid. The gas becomes a plurality of bubbles separated by a liquid of a continuous phase, the gas is a dispersed phase, and the liquid is a dispersion medium. Foam is a thermodynamically unstable system that cannot be stabilized. The thermodynamic instability of the foam is due to the fact that the total liquid surface area of the system after defoaming is greatly reduced, and the energy (free energy) of the system is greatly reduced. The Marangoni effect prevents the drainage of the bubble film and restores the thickness of the bubble film. The bubble discharges gas to the air and the bubble bursts. A factor influencing this process is that the apparent viscosity and density of the bubbles affect the penetration and diffusion of the defoamer particles on the surface film of the bubble.