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Sep 19, 2018

DIY candles has been more and more popular among young people .Under carefully selection of raw material、scented oil, we can make our own unique cup candle . With numerous moldings and various colors, we can choose our loves ones to add decorations , which will provide us great atmosphere .


As followings are the tips of making cup candles:

1. Choose the natural soy wax . Compared with the industrial paraffin wax in the market,soy wax can be burnt totally without residue and black smoke.It can be melt too. In general, it can benefit both physically and psychologically.

2. candle wick. A cotton line without wax is used for the plastic mold ; waxed cotton thread or a wooden smokeless candle wick is used for the pouring directly into the container.

3. Hairpin. For holding the candle wick. If you use a wooden candle wick, you can ignore it. I also put in a professional wick holder and found that it is still practical for hairpins.

4. Wax pot, you can also choose any container that is left in the house (small milk pot, porcelain bowl), because the water is melted, the heat resistance of the container is not very high.

5. Pour the suitable amount of soy wax and melt it into liquid state. It usually ,melts at 50~60℃。

6. Place or fix the candle wick.If you want to add scented oil,cool the paraffin liquid into 60~85℃, and then all several drops of oil.stir them and pour them into the pot.

7. Place the pot under the cold water or the refrigerator to turn the liquid into solid ,which will last around 10 minutes. Also, we can put them under the normal temperature ,which will take couple hours

8.prune the candle wick to 0.6cm.


Finally, the cup candle is ready . We can use it in our room or send it as a gift to our friends.