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DongKe Group News
Aug 20, 2018

Beijing Dongke(Dongke group) is an energetic group in China.Our company is a company with a sense of mission. our aim is to serve the society and let employees grow. Recently, we have a Vietnamese customer in Thailand's exhibition. last year, our company often participated in foreign exhibitions. The quality and price of our products are among the top three in the industry. the service experience we bring to our customers will definitely not disappoint them.
The Thailand exhibition in September needs our products mainly to be water reducing agent, which is a kind of concrete additive. We have solid concrete additives and liquid concrete additives. the functional diversity of our products can meet the needs of various customers.
As for our team, it is made up of a group of young people who love to fight. We face everyone with too
much seriousness, professionalism and care.Finally, please pay attention to dong ke. from the moment you see dong ke, your life will begin to change.