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DongKe Group News
Aug 28, 2018

Big news!!Come and join Dongke Group.We are going to attend an exhibition in Russia on 28 Nov. to 30 Nov. Beijing Dongke Group has been Russia for many times and we do have a lot of established customers there.This time, we are going to make a big event on CEMENT CONCRETE DRY MIXTURES EXPOCENTRE , MOSCOW.Booth D2-3. We will bring our products and surprise to you!What are you interested in? You may want to know:Dongke Polycarboxylate, Dongke polycarboxylate water reducer monomer. Do not miss Glycerin,Propylene Glycol as well.Finally,do you want to make candles?That will be wise for you to choose our Paraffin!We provide KunLun brand Paraffin,provided by nation factory only.So,do not hesitate and come!We treat every customer first priority!