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Frequently Asked Questions
Sep 11, 2018

Factors affecting the quality of soy wax candle cup soy wax including raw materials, container, dyes / pigments to add volume, wick, pouring temperature and working environment temperature. When the test mass is soy wax essential step. Only after passing the test of the indicators can be put in mass production.

If difficulties arise in the production process, the Dongke sincerely welcome you feedback the problems to our company, we will help you solve as soon as possible. The following is the questions of customer feedback, and hope them will help you.


1. glass have to be heated before pouring it?

A: No, as long as pouring at ambient temperature.


2.you need to add additives to soy wax?

A: In addition to the requirements of dyes and fragrances foreign guests do not need to add any additives. Our soy wax, dyes and fragrances have a good compatibility.



3.What type of wick to make soy candles?

A: Different sizes require different specifications of soy wax wick. This needs to ask the wick provider.


4. How to know the color of the soy wax in advance?

A: It is difficult to determine the color of the final product under the molten state. You can take a small amount of soy wax with dyes, droplets the wax onto white paper or white marble slab, the color of solidified liquid wax is the color of the final candle.


5. Why there may have oil beads on the candle surface sometimes?

A: You can try to reduce the amount of fragrance or replace the soy wax by higher melting point soy wax.


6. why there have collapse of the surface of soy candels ?

A: The  phenomenon occurs when the pouring temperature is not appropriate control.  Ensure that it is pouring at room temperature, the temperature of the glass can not lower than the ambient temperature. Try pouring at different temperatures, we recommend pouring at 37-42 ℃. In addition, you can use hot air machine to cool the surface or  use secondary pouring. After pouring the candle should be cool slowly in room temperature, the soy candle can not be cooled by cold water or a refrigerator. Ambient temperature at 30 ℃is a  good condition.


7. Could freezer the soy candle in the water or refrigerator?

Answer: not recommended to operate, easy to cause the candle get off the glass, surface subsidence, color change. If you are making pillar candle, this approach actually helps mold.


8. why the wax near the glass can not melting when soy wax?

A: This may be a result of the wick is too small, you can try some of the specifications of a large wick or by adjust the amount of fragrance and dyes to improve.


10. Why wicks carbonization happens after burning.

A: The wicks material or waving way is incorrect, or maybe longtime burning. Please try to choose other kind wicks or die out wicks on time and trim the wicks.



11. Why candles surface leave with white spot or piece of crystal?

A: It might be caused by bad pouring temperature control. Please adjust pouring temperature. Some colors will be easily occurs this kind of phenomenon, such as red and purple.


12. Why candle testing effects badly after times repetition heated?

A: The same soy wax raw material changes its crystal structure, and the candles surface will not be easily to be tidy and smooth. So we suggest that the soy wax repeated heated no more than three times. In addditon, we can use warm air machine to make surface remelted and cool down, or use hot soy wax liquid to make second pouring, if still bad smooth, then we can add third pouring.