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How To Make A Jar Candle?
Oct 11, 2018

To make a jar or container candle, you will need:

Several empty jars or containers

A double boiler

Candle wax

Candle wicks (I recommend pre-waxed and wired wicks with wicks clips)

Crayon pieces for coloring the wax

Oven mitts

Wax paper

Optional: candle fragrance

With all of the prep work complete, it's now time to start work on your candles. 

1)Prepare Your Containers and Work Area

Prepare your work area, and insert wicks into your containers.

Once you've chosen your candle containers—jars, glasses, tea cups, mugs, etc.— it's time to prep them for use.

Make sure the containers are clean and completely dry. Then, place them on a sheet of wax paper. This will ensure that any wax that spills will be easy to clean up.

2)Melt the Candle Wax

Melt the candle wax in a double boiler.  

3) Pour the Wax Into the Containers

Melt Down Old Candles and Make New Ones

Use oven mitts or pot holders to remove the wax from the stove. Then, carefully pour the wax into the first container until it reaches the top of the container (or the desired height). Repeat with any remaining containers.

Allow the wax to cool undisturbed for several hours—or until completely hardened.

4) Top off Your Candles and Trim the Wicks

The wax around the wick is depressed, and requires a second fill.

Sometimes you'll end up with a depressed area around the wick of the candle. This is a common occurrence and an easy problem to remedy. Just melt some more wax, and pour it into the depression. Then, once the new wax has hardened, simply trim the wick down to size, and your candle is ready for use.


Clean Up Tips

Cleaning up after a project is never fun, but if you follow a few simple.