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I Will Remember Your Face Under Candlelight After Many Years
Aug 17, 2018

During the graduation season, the company welcomed a new employee.

 She is petite and lovely, warm and hearty, from a distant southern town.

She works very hard and gets up early every day. She always comes to the company early in the morning, opens the door, turns on the lights, boils the water, and writes the message of the day on the small blackboard next to the wine showcase.

 As an old employee, in my opinion, this is a girl who knows how to take care of others, be polite, and gets along well with colleagues.

 When I got off work someday, we walked together. Took the same subway.

 A person who is hearty, there are a lot of words that can’t be finished.

 But on that day, on the road, in the subway, we were all very quiet. I can only hear the noisy and minor collisions from others: "Excuse me, give me a way."

 Through the glass windows of the subway car, I saw the advertising light box outside and saw the loneliness and joy in the eyes of my new colleague.

 In the next few days, everyone is still busy. Signing a contract, shipping, collecting money...

The new colleague is just like us, and the company is full of her busy figure. But she lost her hearty laughter.

 Sunday morning.

The sun came in from the window and threw it on my bed, leaving me nowhere to hide.

At this point, the manager called me and asked me to order a birthday cake. 22 candles from the Beijing Dongke candle shop.

That night! Surrounded by all the company's colleagues, before the candle lights, I saw the long-lost smile of the new colleague.

Sometimes, on the road, I guess that the new colleague must be homesick. After all, just graduated from undergraduate studies, she left her hometown alone and came to Beijing, a strange city for her.

However, she is very fortunate that the company she came to is a warm and homely company, like a home. This point, from the face of her happy candlelight that night can be known.

 I looked at the intersection and looked at the sky. There are a few clouds floating in the sky, like the face of a new colleague. Smiling.

I really want to climb up that cloud, lie on it, light some candles and have a good sleep.