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Jelly Candle
Jan 16, 2019

The jelly candle is also called a crystal candle, because its shape resembles the jelly food that children love. Jelly candles are crystal clear , and also they are frozen and brightly lubricated, they are housed in glassware of various shapes and are also a piece of art with ornamental value. After igniting, it is both bright and mysterious, and it is called a romantic master.


Jelly candles can be divided into four types. The first is a flower series, which condenses the most beautiful moments of blooming flowers in a transparent glass. The second is the champagne series, which is crystal clear and pure. The third is the ocean series, the vast blue sea, symbolizing the mystery and broadness, the place where the sea breeze blows, always has unlimited freshness and warmth. The fourth is the fruit series, which simulates the fruit decoration of fruits.


This hand-made small-scale course-teacher is a group of disabled children who use their hands to create a variety of exquisite hand-made works, and get paid through charity sales, love business purchases, etc.


This event is a charity event designed to train children's hands-on ability and cultivate children's love. The fee charged is the material cost and personnel cost of making jelly wax. We will help these disabled children in the form of donations.