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Jelly Wax Production
Dec 25, 2018

Type one

1. Prepare the jelly wax The jelly wax block is solid, and some have color and aroma. It can be sold in small pieces. Currently, because the products are popular, they can be bought in craft shops. If the wax block you buy is not scented, add some flavor to the wax. Jelly wax is solid at room temperature, but it may soften at a slightly elevated room temperature. The melting point of high temperature wax is about one hundred degrees.

2. Heating to melt the jelly wax

3. Preparing the glass cup is an important soul of the work. There are various kinds of choices on the market, the quality and price are different, the shape and size are different, according to personal needs and preferences Buy it! The glass is placed in various decorative materials such as sea sand, shells, starfish, small specimens, dry flowers, marbles, etc., and is configured according to personal preference. Finally, a cotton wax core is placed in the center of the cup.

4. Finish Pour the melted jelly wax into the cup and cool it to make a beautiful jelly candle.


Type two

1. Spread the colored sand evenly on the bottom of the glass container, put a few small beads, and start to inject the jelly wax.

2, do not inject all the jelly wax at once, after injecting a part, you can add other decorations, such as dried flowers can be inserted in the container, red beans, shells are placed at random, and then layered into the jelly wax. In general, it is enough to inject the jelly wax into the container.

3. Insert the cotton core of the candle in the center of the jelly wax, taking care not to insert it into the bottom.

4, after the completion of the finished product into the refrigerator freezer for a period of time, help to shape.