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Method Of Making Candle
May 04, 2018

The wax, stearic acid and trace chemicals are melted in the aluminum pan and poured into the machine mold that is pre coated with oil and has been matched with the candles. Before pouring, the candle machine tank is filled with cold water, and it is circulated and condensed. After the condensation, cut the candle core.

Ordinary white candles do not need ingredients. They are made of paraffin wax around 54-58 degrees. With the development of science and technology, no black smoke, no tears, no dust, burning, bright candles, soft and unbending candles in summer, mosquito repellent candles, scented candles, craft candles, color candles, color flame candles and other forms of candles should also grow far.

1. no black smoke and bright candles: candles must be made of pure white cotton thread. Bleach the pure white cotton yarn with bleach powder. When the candle is lit, no black smoke will be emitted and the brightness will be large. If cotton wool is not bleached, it contains impurities. When the candle is lit, there will be a lot of black smoke and not bright.

2. no tears, no dust, no burning candles: the core of the bleached wax core is made of chemical material, and the candle is no tears, no dust and fire. Three chemical ingredients for soaking core wire are presented below. Each formula can be used separately.

Formula 1 boric acid, 0.04 parts phosphoric acid, 0.64 parts ammonium sulfate, 0.64 parts, 100 water.

Formula Two borax 226.8 grams potassium nitrate (nitrate) 226.8 grams of ammonium sulfate 567 grams of water 7 kg

Formula Three ammonium chloride (soda sand) 4536 grams of water 6 kg

Before making candles, the wax core line immersed in chemical materials will be scorched. It can also be dried in the ventilated and dry place, but it can not be exposed to sunlight, so as to avoid the physical and chemical reaction of the chemical mixture and lose its function.

3. summer no candle, no bending candle, no snow fleck, no tears in the candle: the candle in the wax made in the paraffin is soft and soft in summer, there is a snowflake in the candle, the candle tears, the candle melts fast, the candle made as the following formula is soft, unbending and combusted.

The wax oil formula (by weight) of this candle is 100 kg paraffin plus 1-1.5 kg FB-160 additive.

4. fragrance candles: B-, 200 grams of cyclodextrin, 600 ml of water, 20 grams of smoked flowers and flowers (also can be replaced with essence), mix and mix well, then mix for three hours. The extracted inclusions, under the condition of 60 degrees Celsius (the temperature can not be too high, otherwise the spices will be deteriorated) are dried into a powder chemical perturbed by a vacuum dryer or spray (unconditionally dry to powder in other ways). Put the powdered chemical packs in the ventilated and dry place and store them. When making candles, mix powdered chemicals into the dissolved candles and mix them in the raw materials, and then make candles in the pouring machine.