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Soy Wax Candle Making Operations
Aug 23, 2018

Step 1:Soy wax melting ---put soy wax material heating pot or melt in microwave oven heated to 70-85 ℃.wax liquid in high temperature for a long time ,the color will be deepen and affect the appearance of the candle product .In melting process ,thermometer is indispensable ,the operator must monitor the temperature of the liquid wax,shall not go away .Mixing soy wax regularly at the same time, so we can ensure uniform liquid wax temperature and the melting time is saved .At the beginning of the soy wax melting suggestion with the mixing of stainless steel sticks ,while soy wax melting into more fluid to thermometer stirring.

Step 2:Add pigment and sesame oil -when soy wax completely changed into liquid state to add pigment and Fragrance (80 ℃).Two kinds of supplementary material after adding mix, is required to ensure that paint, balm completely dispersed in the liquid wax, so as to avoid the finished cup bottom of wax precipitation pigment spots.

Step 3:Prepare pot cup -the temperature at which the liquid wax casting is crucial, pouring temperature surface is bad can lead to the collapse or crystal flower spots.Will be fully melted, and add the wax liquid material after mixing with cooling.When the wax liquid temperature with a thermometer when mixing with reduced to 40-70 ℃ can pour cup.We suggest around 38-40 ℃ when pouring cup, but as a result of process and working environment temperature is different, it is better to do small sample test, grope for filling your products right temperature.

Step 4:Pot cup - before pouring cup to ensure that the glass or other container at the same temperature and environmental temperature or preheat to 30 to 40 ℃ (advice colder or in winter), which can reduce the cup wax products to take off the cup, the probability of cracking phenomenon.If soy wax products, is this your first time do the wick to choose two or three sizes larger than paraffin wax, wax body surface to reveal the wick length slightly longer than paraffin wax products, models of different soybean wax products have different specifications of the wick.

Step 5:The candle molding - after pouring cup candle wax body molding let stand until the candle body is set for a period of time.In molding process, don't let the desktop vibrations or human touch candles so as not to damage the soybean wax crystallization, result in uneven surface or wrinkle.For most types of cup wax casting can be at first time, if the cup made of wax models is larger, surface collapse, the need to use hot wax liquid secondary pouring.After molding cup candle constant temperature for at least 12 hours can ignite, this ensures that the soybean wax crystal forming uniform, internal guarantee to make the cup of wax in the later process of storage appearance still intact. 

Note: could not formed in cold water or accelerate cooling speed in the refrigerator.


  • Test is an essential step in making candles.

  • Can not bring the same specifications of the wick for different size of soy wax products, must pass the test to find suitable for a particular size cup candle wick.

  • Bring the pouring temperature by taking groping for many times, can make the best soy cup wax .

  • If it is made of 100% purity soy wax products, please make sure that in the process of soybean wax production contact heating pot, thermometer, wick is not contaminated with paraffin.

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