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The Applications Of Concrete Additives
Sep 12, 2018

The development, production and application of concrete admixture materials is the second breakthrough in concrete technology after reinforced concrete. The admixtures have improved the concrete pouring performance, product quality of concrete and reduced the construction cost.


Our company has polycarboxylate superplasticizer as following :Water reducing Grade DK-100, Early strength grade DK-101, Slump retention grade DK-104,Slump retention agent DK-200;Besides , water reducer monomer .


And our product have a wide range of applications as followings::

It can save large quantity of concrete or replace directly specific concrete; accelerate the strength development at early stage of concrete or mortal; adjust the condensation and hardening speed ;adjust the gas content ; attenuate the alkali-aggregate reaction; improve the capillary structure,,the pumpability of concrete,the corrosion resistance of steel bars, the bonding force between the aggregate and the mortar interface, the grip strength of the steel and the adhesion of new and old concrete interfaces;It can change the color of mortar and concrete, improve the workability of concrete or mortar mix construction; improve the strength and other physical and mechanical properties of concrete mortar,reduce the hydration heat in the initial stage of cement hydration or delay the hydration heat release, improve the bleeding of the mixture and the corrosion resistance of concrete or mortar to various aggressive salts.


With such a wide range and obvious effects in reality, it greatly reduce the labor cost and also the difficulties of construction.