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The Business Trip To Vietnam Came To A Successful Close
Aug 30, 2018

Beijing Dongke Unite Technologies Co,. Ltd  participated in VIETNAM International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition came to a successful close.

The exhibition is Vietnam's largest Plastic and Rubber Industry exhibition.Our company   carefully prepared different samples with paraffin wax such as :58#,60# fully/semi refined paraffin wax ,soy wax , polycarboxylate monomer and polycarboxylate superplasticizer .All of them are carefully sorted out sticking with our logo..with a superb level of technology, high-performance; the series sawing equipment once again become a major highlight especially the paraffin wax in the same industry. Being TOP TEN SUPPLIER of KUNLUN brand paraffin wax , our price is competitive and our packing is professional .Besides,ingenious design and precision cutting accuracy of the material, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. Many Buyers brought the technical problems such as candle making machine working operation,oil content of soy wax,, encountered in processing the scene, after patient and detailed explanation of the high-quality engineers, technical guidance and process optimization, a number of great customer satisfaction, the site reached purchases intention.

It is a harvest tour. On the exhibition site, our company had successful signed many orders of 58 fully/semi refined paraffin wax and got many potential customers of polycarboxylate concrete mixture who left their business car and contact ways. After going back home ,we sorted them out and wrote emails and called them asking for more detailed requirements , after checking our quotation ,some of them placed big orders too.

During this tour, we learn that Vet Nam was also a big market for candle wax, and through the exhibition and visiting ,it is more efficient and better for us to get the firs-hand information of their needs and thus contribute to more orders .Face to face talk can enhance our trust and strength our cooperation intention , so in the future ,our company can try more exhibitions to explore more customers . 

Beijing Dongke United Technologies Co,.Ltd  in the fine chemical industry in recent years has made long-term development and success; there is a certain brand heritage, development of sound. With a good ability to market skill, we have in the field of solid wood material preparation equipment occupies a pivotal position. Even so, but we also know that "a long way to go. We will also continue to enhance the management system making more quality service to customers and friends.