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Introduction of Jelly wax
Dec 10, 2018

Jelly wax is a jelly-like transparent gelatinous solid developed in recent years. It is crystal clear, colorless, non-toxic, harmless, elastic and fragrant. The jelly wax is easy to process, and can be adjusted to be fragrant and toned after melting.


Jelly wax combined with glassware can create a variety of handicrafts and holiday items, such as colorful scented candle products, gifts, handicrafts, house fragrances and other products.


The candle produced by this product can be completely burned, smokeless when burning, no odor when burning and extinguishing. In recent years, many manufacturers in China have used this technology to produce good economic benefits. Jelly candles are expected to continue to be one of the major varieties of the candle market in the future. Our technology can guide manufacturers to produce high-quality, high-transparency products that meet export needs.


Jelly wax quality indicators:

Status: Gummy solid; Color: Colorless and transparent;

Freezing point: greater than 68 ° C; specific gravity: 0.83--0.96;

Main constituent elements: C, H; Boiling point: greater than 330;

Vapor pressure (20 °C): less than 3mmHg; Solubility: Heat soluble in oil solvents;

Odour: none; mechanical impurities: none;

Flash point: greater than 190 ° C, flammability limit: can not be in contact with open flame;

Flame limit: The size of the wax core affects the size of the flame, and the flame is limited to no black smoke;

Environmental requirements: should be placed in a cool dry place;

Health hazard: harmless to the human body.


Jelly wax raw materials:

A jelly wax characterized in that 4 to 12 g of thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber is added per 100 ml of liquid paraffin, which is made of 70 parts of styrene and 30 parts of butadiene. Because it is soft, transparent, and very jelly, it gets its name. Because it is a transparent gel after solidification, it can be poured into transparent cups of different shapes. In the cup, various decorations and various colors such as flowers, plants, fish, insects and shells can be added. Pebbles and small animals, etc., can be made into many life-like craft candles, greatly expanding the flower sample of the craft candle.