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The Difference Between Coconut Wax And Soy Wax
May 04, 2018

1. Natural coconut wax is the main component of aromatherapy candle. It belongs to the natural palm family, and its ornamental value is very high.

2. Soybean wax refers to the wax made from hydrogenated soybean oil. It is the main raw material for making craft candles, essential oils and aromatherapy candles.

The advantages of soybean wax are: low price, made of cup wax without removing cups, fast cooling of column wax, easy demoulding, no cracking, uniform pigment and no flower. The burning time of the paraffin wax is 30-50%. Non toxic and environmentally friendly. Combustion does not produce carcinogenic substances, and wastes are biodegradable. The heat source is saved, which is beneficial to the safe production of the operators.