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The Fate Of The Traditional Candle Machine Industry
Feb 13, 2019

The candle machine, as its name implies, is the machine for producing candles; as a cultural heritage, the candle has developed to the present, and it has been flourishing and various styles. In order to match a wide variety of candle styles, candle machines and molds should be updated to achieve high output, labor saving and time saving.


Candle machine, there are many domestic production, the most famous is Zhejiang, as the production base of candle machine, in recent years, it has contributed a large number of candle production machines to the domestic candle culture, and also cultivated a large number of high quality candle manufacturers.


Looking at the front line of candle production, it is the candle people of the older generation. The age is high, and the younger generations have no plans to inherit the father's business. With the passage of time, where should the candle machine go? This requires us to change the minds of young people and help them build interest. The candle machine is improved to improve its production mode and production efficiency. Thus the candle industry will be carried forward.