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The Magic Application Of The Candles
Sep 05, 2018

Candles are common articles in our daily life for example, in case of out of electricity ,candles can light our life ; When in a date, colorful candles can help to create romantic and comfortable atmosphere; Scented candles can help relax our mind and relieve our pains ; soy wax candle can be used for decorations ,such as candle cards or candle toys ; the most common one is for wedding parties ,birthday parties ,etc. 

Though candles can be used in a wide range , there are other magical places applying in daily life.

1.Fluorescent lamps sometimes make a loud noise, which makes people very uncomfortable. We can turn off the power and open the cover .By this time , a small slit is opened on the side of the ballast, and the molten wax liquid is poured into the gap of the ballast of the ballast, so that the fluorescent lamp will not hum.

2. The bottom of the iron is not clean, sometimes it will scratch and stain the clothes. You can take one piece of old cloth in half, sprinkle some candle powder between the two layers of cloth, put the hot iron on the two layers of cloth and rub it back and forth, and then immediately iron it back and forth on a clean cloth, so that you can wipe the bottom of the iron It's clean.

3. After the clothes are washed, it is often found that the zipper on the clothes can not move easily.As long as the clothes are coated with wax on the zipper before washing, the zipper will not get stuck after washing. 

4. The drawer is not flexible, and it can be coated with a layer of paraffin or candle crumbing on both sides and edges. It is flexible when pushed and pulled.

5. There are many people smoking in the room,which is snoring. You can place a candle in the room and place it at a distance from the ground to reduce smoke. 

6. Some books will get rolled after reading for a period of time. You can find a candle to make the corners melt , and add wax on the corner of the new book, the book will not curl. 

When the sliding door of the furniture is tight or worn. You can drop some wax in the pull-down groove of or cut some wax to put it in, and the sliding door can slide freely.

There are many many small magic use of paraffin wax in our daily life .if you are careful, you will find a lot of surprises.