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The Operating Points And Precautions Of The Lighting Candle Machine
May 04, 2018

Lighting candle machine is not a big demand, but it is still one of the most popular products.

(1) the new machine is wearing a line.

The new machine mould tube is lubricated by oil.

Pouring: straighten and straighten the line, and fill the tank with cold water and pour wax fluid. The pouring temperature is suitable for summer wax liquid at low temperature and high temperature and low temperature in winter.

The casting wax should be higher than the mold tube IO mm or more, two so that the wax can naturally be added to the tube. If the wax liquid is insufficient, the candle defect will be hollow.

4. Starting the mold, after the surface is solidified, the core line hanging on the work table is cut off from the wax tail, the candle is completely solidified in the mold, and the mold is drawn when the hand is not soft. It is necessary to master the time of the lifting die. The soft wax mold is the most serious damage to the die, which is the root cause of the failure of the die.

The cautions of the candle machine; the adhesion of the mold wall,

Before pouring, do not ignore the cooling water, otherwise it will cause no wax in the first mold of a large amount of wax. In this case, the cooling water should be put out and the hot water die. After the wax is out of the mold, it must still be cut with the hard pressed hand oil.

The brightness and production efficiency of the candle crank are closely related to the adjustment of water temperature. In winter, the temperature is below 5 degrees C, and the temperature below 60 will cause the uneven surface of the candle surface, which affects the smooth and beautiful appearance. The above phenomena will not occur if the mould is injected at 5 degrees or so.