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The Story Between Us And Our Customer
Jan 29, 2019

Mr David ,is a customer from Vietnam. He contacted me though Alibaba at the beginning of August . He is the CTO of a giant concrete company ,right now he wanted to purchase some Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Slump Retention Agent for his new projects .


To make sure the quality and performance ,he aksed for some smaples ,so we recommend him DK-200, after several day’shpiment ,they got the sample and stated to arrange the test .


It usually takes 10 or more days to finish the test , Finally, when he finished , he told us that our sample is not that perfect as Korean, so we asked them about their testing method and handed the test data to our engineer, then we knew what happened . the fact is that they used too much dosage . After second test according to our advice , they got a better result and then he placed a trial order to us .


On Oct, he came to China and dropped by in to our office , after our introduction of company and factory as an excellent China Concrete Superplasticizer, he trusted us much better than before . 


We have established firm cooperation and frienship with this customer and when we go to Vietnan ,we will meet them again.