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Time Zone
Aug 22, 2018

I’d been the foreign trade line for 3 years after graduation. It was not particularly smooth for first 2 year,  I once thought to give up the road of foreign trade. It was the former supervisor who told me that "I let you go is to let you find a better platform instead of giving up ."

I decided to try the last time and fully prepared for a interview. Now I am still here for more than 14 months.

Would like to share a pleasant moment of one of my clients.

This customer was contacted in June of 18, when the offer was gone. In the accident of the mass mailing on July 7th, the customer asked for the quotation. After two emails, I smelt the order. He asked about the size, address, output, payment, etc. of our company but you know it  was already almost 4am in his city. I was so moved about his professionalism. About 10 pm China time, he wake up greeted me and asked a few questions and last about 12pm then I went to sleep. About 5hours later, I heard my phone rang. With sleepy eyes, I convinced myself to pick it up cause I know it’s must be the most important time.

In fact, It was really him Nelson. He called for asking freight and shipment time to the destination port. Re-calculate the price at first time, I set quotation to him with highly expected mood.

However, he was very confused about our quotation. Later, I learned that our colleague had contacted with him two years ago.

Sometimes you know the time is magical, you will meet same person 2times after years passed by. Lucky, we met each other again and become partner this time.

Everyone with their own time zone, you are in yours !