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Water Reducing Agent
Jan 16, 2019

The appearance form is divided into a liquid agent and a powder. The solid content of the water agent is generally 20%, 40% (also known as mother liquor), 60%, and the solid content of the powder is generally 98%. According to the water reducing agent and water-reducing ability, it is divided into ordinary water reducing agent (also known as plasticizer, water reducing rate is not less than 8%, represented by lignosulfonates), high-efficiency water reducing agent (also known as super Plasticizer, water reduction rate of not less than 14%, including naphthalene, melamine, sulfamate, aliphatic, etc.) and high performance water reducer (water reduction rate of not less than 25%, with polycarboxylic acid It is a representative of water reducing agent, and is divided into early strong type, standard type and retarded type. According to the composition, it is divided into: (1) lignosulfonates; (2) polycyclic aromatic salts; and (3) water-soluble resin sulfonates. Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent, aliphatic high-efficiency water reducing agent, amino high-efficiency water reducing agent, polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent, etc. According to the chemical composition, it is usually divided into: lignin sulfonate water reducing agent, naphthalene high-efficiency water reducing agent, melamine-based high-efficiency water reducing agent, sulfamate-based high-efficiency water reducing agent, fatty acid system high reduction Aqueous agents, polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers.