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Wax Torch Into Ash Tears
Jan 22, 2019

A table lamp is placed on a neat desk, which is slim and striking. Whenever it was dark, it gave a silvery glow, illuminating itself and the entire room. The lamp felt that nothing in the world could match it. He proudly boasted to the small candle placed in the corner. "You see how great I am, not only beautiful, but also very useful. But what about you? It also occupies a place on the table. It is waste. What is the use?"

The candle glanced at the fascinating table lamp and said modestly: "Friend, I admit that you are very beautiful and very useful, but you should think about it” because of it, you have shortcomings. How can you be so proud?" The table lamp has long been bored and shouted loudly; "Oh, nothing to think, I am stronger than you!"

One night, the desk lamp had to boast of itself, and suddenly it flashed three times, and it never shines again. In an instant, the entire room was shrouded in darkness - It turned out that the line had a problem. At this time, people know that how treasure the light is ! Even a little bit is precious. The owner took out the obscurity candle, lit it, immediately illuminating the room, and illuminating the pretentious desk lamp. However, the candle did not buy itself for this purpose, and it humbly said to the lamp: "The light I gave was too dim, and indeed not bright as much as yours. I am very embarrassed. I have not made any greater contribution to mankind." Then he burned himself silently, illuminating others, and until the last fire of life went out, he quietly left the world.

The lamp was very moved,thinking: I want to learn the spirit of the candle. "Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, the wax torch is turned into gray and tears." It doesn't boast, or be proud, don't care about personal gains and losses, and contributes to humanity.

   Candles are made of wax , it is quite ordinary, pure white and burned soon ,but it takes light to the wold and especially the most treasure thing when the world is our of electricity . we should learn to be humble and doing we can to make the world a better place.