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What Railway Means For Beijing Dongke In The Future
Sep 14, 2018

China will accelerate the pace of revising and drawing up China-Russia, China-Mongolia and China-Vietnam railway cooperation agreements to create new trade growth momentum and strengthen connections between domestic and international railroads, officials said on Tuesday.

Su Quanli, deputy administrator of the National Railway Administration, said the government would build an efficient communication platform with related parties to reach these deals and help negotiate the prices for international block train services in foreign markets for Chinese companies, as well as improve the efficiency of customs clearance and enhance transport security.

Container shipments transported by cargo rail services jumped 37 percent year-on-year in China last year and such a transport mode has become a new growth point for railway logistics businesses, in particular freight train services running between China and Europe with characteristics such as a greater range, longer distance and increased goods volume, data from the administration show.(China Daily)